"BELLA!" is the artistic name used to refer to the artist responsible for building this website and every artwork seen in it. This 21-year-old animation student has been making art since they remember and animating since they were 9. Bella! still has much to learn but they're always excited for a chance to do so.

Located in São Paulo - SP, Bella! can be usually found creating colorful animals and funny oddities, specialized in character and motion design and playing with colors. Growing up as a mentally disabled person, art has always been a much easier mean for self-expression than talking, and Bella! will always use it for activism and showing off pride in who they are, who they love and what they feel. It's what always made them happy and hopefully it'll make you happy too.

Hope you enjoy this webbed site, for contact and more art and updates check out the social media links below, or send me an eletronic mail through [email protected]

All monetary support is very welcome also, feel free to hit me up if you'd like to hire me or commission me for anything at all