After choosing 3 random words in a blackboard, we had to put them together and make a character, which would be used for multiple assignments in the first semester of 2019

I chose the words "Autistic", "Dragon" and "Youtuber" and created Aurora Batista. I made animations and illustrations of her and eventually started working on a whole universe for her and her friends, all of which are disabled dragons living on a dragon version of planet Earth, which I like to call "Dearth".

Below are the animation assignment I made with Aurora

And an illustration assignment of Aurora and her friend Tatá Zeppellin

Tatá was also used in my first attempt at making a rigged model. I first sketched him on Z-Brush, then detailed on Blender and retopologized and rigged on Maya. Currently I can only show the Blender model.

You can find more art and concepts of her and Dearth CLICKING HERE!