This page is the one I use to talk about all the "zine" projects I have been in, since many of them have similar themes and were coordinated by similar people

Clanzine is a collaborative fanzine project with a focus on nostalgia associated with 2010 era "Warrior Cats" fan content. Hosted by Al and Laz, I participated in two issues, first Issue 3: WC OCS, a zine all about people's over-the-top Warriors fan-characters from their childhoods! Then Everytime We Touch - A Rarepair Zine, which focused on getting nonsense characters together and in love.

For the first zine I developed and illustrated one of my first characters ever: Nightsong. My goal was to make a page that seemed like something I would have made back in 2011 but with my current art and style. Below is my result:

And below are the concepts and development of the page and character:

The book series Warriors, it's title and characters, all belong to Working Partners, I am not associated with them. Eyes Of A Raven belongs to PaintedSerenity

The second zine was simpler, I did some research on Tumblr on goth, scene, punk and cybergoth fashion and used that to create a simple traditional black and white illustration of 3 cats who would never date, dating and being goth. You can see what my result looked like below: