On the end of 2018 I was very interested in participating in a project of multiple animators hosted by Arbiter. Artists were chosen so they would bring life and animation to Warrior Cats character Scourge in their vision, script and designs, using an edited version of the song Eighth Wonder by Lemon Demon.

Originally, I was not chosen to be an animator, and was instead working on the thumbnail, but in november 2018 I was offered the chance to animate the 12th part of the project. So I took that chance and, in the span of a month or so, created with lots of research and very limited tools the animation below:

In February 2019, the full-fledged project was done and uploaded to youtube, you can watch the whole thing below:

Please keep in mind that I do not wish to be associated with Arbiter/Craanbuuty any further. I was 17 years old throughout the whole duration of the projects development.

Along with that you may also see I made a humorous short Flipnote animation at the end, I also made a thumbnail but it was not featured in the video, you may see both of these below:

If you wish to know more about this project and development feel free to contact me!