On the start of 2021 I made this part for a project of multiple animators, hosted by vogelchan, where artists were chosen so they would bring life and animation to eir interactive webseries Ask Hawkfrost & Mudclaw. Following the song Medicines by The Taxpayers and using the cartoony style of the comic.

I was tasked to animate the introduction to the project, which was scripted to be like the intro of a mid 90s western cartoon show. I studied plenty of those and discussed my findings with the project hosts to figure out the path to take. Once I had my storyboard and concept ready and approved I spent the next 2 months or so working on it until it was finished, you may watch the result and the progress in the video below:

And as a fun bonus here's a "title card" for the show I made inspired by the actual banner used on the blog's website

The whole project isn't finished yet sadly, but you can check out the comic that inspired it all in the links below, alongside the call for joining the project