In 2021, I was presented with the opportunity to have a virtual "art booth" in Brasil Furfest Online, a virtual furry event hosted on Hopin. In preparation for the 3 days of the online event, I had to create a streaming setup, a schedule, enticing visuals and a way for people to buy my stuff!

So what I did was livestream commissions made on MS Paint for 2 days that could be purchased during all the 3 days, on a booth I titled "Bella! No Paint" and themed around food and old internet visuals. A 2d avatar that followed my movements and mouth sounds was also developed by me and Olmewe to make the livestreams more fun. Below are the assets used to advertise myself and to build the "shop":

The slideshow I used in the booth to inform people of what the booth was and the prices in my shop, in PT-BR.

The icon and banner for my booth

The shop itself was a google forms page presented as a restaurant roleplay of sorts, in which my character would take your "order" for the commission you'd like. The forms has been since closed but here are some screenshots of what it looked like:

While I don't have any way to show what the livestream setup looked like, I can show what my Veadotube Avatar looked like! In the following demonstrative gif:

Lastly of course, you can see below the results of the livestream, 7 comissioned illustrations total:

If you'd like to know more about Veadotube or Brasil Furfest Online, check out the links below.