A project of multiple animators, hosted by me, where artists of all ages and experiences were given a section of time and soundtrack to animate on however they liked.

Inspired by Al and Laz's fanzine projects. The objective was to bring characters, inspired by an edgy evil cat from the book series "Warriors", to life! Lots of people got to participate in a way or another, be it by animating other people's characters, giving characters to be drawn and animted, helping finishing up individual sections, etc.

The project is in it's ending stages and you can watch a silly teaser trailer for it below:

I am the project's host, which means I got the idea together, set up rules and a call for artists, manage the artists and their progress and moderate the groups we are on. I also have animated my own section, and will put all the finished parts together in one video. You can watch the available progress and related videos in the following playlist:

For my part I worked in collaboration with Olmewe, who made it so assets I made could be edited in a 3D landscape on After Effects. I also asked HeckyHeckle to add sketches of the character's markings to the animation, to make it easier for me. You can watch the result with some progress below:

As a bonus, here is some of the artwork I made for this project overall so far.

More information on the project and joining it below: