Last semester of 2020 project, since this was meant to be a Stop Motion project and we were all stuck in our own homes with our own materials, this film was made by me on my own with only Luna Olmewe to help me. The groups still existed with the purpose of grading us though.

We all had to create a collection of films that connected with a repeating object and were inspired by movie clichês. Our group decided to have our stories be connected by the main character being a black cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye, this cat would travel through televisions with portals in them. My short film is themed around the "False Death" clichê.

Mostly built with home materials, the character Cida Feliz walks around in paper scenery and her dead body interacts with the play dough locals. Everything was animated first on Flipnote Studio, I moved her body with very cheap kitchen wire and drew many facial expressions and cut heads with them, there's very few repeating heads, and they're stuck in the body with paper clips which is hidden by her scarf.

Below is the full collection of shorts of our project, mine being the seventh shown, warning for flashing lights on the sixth, cartoon death on mine, and zombie apocalipse with blood and shooting on the eighth.

Artists, in order: @jinx-delly, @tsugumiink, @makyume, @elyu_michaelli, @gabi_art2, @marcyana__, me :], @the_jmos, @sohfii7 and @loserwinner1.9

As an additional treat, here's a comparison video, showing the process of animating my short.

For more information on the development, script, and research, check out the links below!